Mount Muria in Kudus

Mount Muria is a mountain in the north eastern part of Central Java, which is included into the Holy district on the south side, on the northwest side of the border with the district of Jepara, and on the east side is bordered by Pati.

This region there is a very legendary relics Wali Songo, the rest house in the area of ​​the summit of Mount Moriah in the history of this country is the basis of the rest house where Kanjeng Sunan Muria spread Islam in Java. Here also the Sunan Muria buried. Name of Mount Moriah and the Holy area named after Mount Moriah and the city Al-Qudus/Baitul Maqdis / Jerusalem. Similarly, the name of the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque by the name Tower Mosque in Jerusalem.

located on top of a hill. Up to the pilgrims who want to make a beeline for the stairs to be treading far + 500 meters. On both sides of stairs lined food stalls and souvenir vendors.

For those who are not strong climbing stairs can choose craftsman motorcycle taxi services. With these other services can save energy, we will be treated to a trip for a nice view.
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