Museum Wayang Kekayon

Kekayon Puppet Museum is a museum about the puppet who was in the city of Yogyakarta, precisely at Jl. Raya Yogya-Wonosari Km. 7, approximately 1 km from Ring Road East. The museum, founded in 1990 has a collection of masks and puppets and puppet show, introduced the history starting from the 6th century until the 20th century. Puppets in the museum is made either from leather, wood, cloth, or paper.

Similarly, the Wayang Museum in Jakarta, this museum has several types of puppets, such as: Purwa puppets, puppets Associate (post-war era to tell Baratayuda), Thengul puppets, puppets Klithik (Damarwulan and tells Minakjinggo), wayang beber, wayang Gedhog (goddess story Candrakirana), puppet Suluh (about the history of Indonesian independence struggle), and more. In connection with the puppet Purwa, this museum has several posters depicting the strategy used in the war Baratayuda war between the Pandavas and Kauravas, namely: strategy and strategy Sapit Urang Elephant.
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