Jalan Malioboro (Malioboro Street) In Jogjakarta

photo Jalan Malioboro (Malioboro Street)

Jalan Malioboro (Malioboro Street) is the name of the street in the city of Yogyakarta, which stretches from Tugu Yogyakarta up to the intersection of Post Office in Yogyakarta which consists of Prince Road and Jalan Jend Mangkubumi. A. Yani, this road is an imaginary axis line of Yogyakarta Kingdom.

photo Jalan Malioboro (Malioboro Street)

There are several historic objects in this street include Tugu Yogyakarta, Tugu Railway Station, Court House, Market Beringharjo, Fortress and Monument Vredeburg Oemoem March 1 attack.

Malioboro Street the past photo

This road is very popular with the street vendors who peddle crafts and food stalls jogja lesehan at night selling food and warm typical jogja famous as a gathering place of artists-artists who often express their capabilities such as playing music, painting, hapening art, mime and others along this road.

Jalan Malioboro night photo

For many years in the 1980s and later, a cigarette advertisement was placed on the first building south of the railway line - or effectively the last building on Malioboro, which advertised Marlboro cigarettes, no doubt appealing to locals and foreigners who would see a pun with name of the street with a foreign product being advertised.

It does not reach the walls or grounds of the Yogyakarta palace, as Malioboro ceases in name adjacent to the very large market Beringharjo (on the eastern side as well). From this point the street changes name to Jalan Ahmad Yani (Ahmad Yani Street) and has the former Governors residence on the western side, and the old Dutch Fort Vredeburg on the eastern side.
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